29 thoughts on “Y5/6: Friend or Foe? What would you have done?

  1. I agree shannon we should have more WW1 books because it is interesting and serious and of course more Michael Morpurgo books.

    1. When you are next in the library, Lawrence, take a look at the other Michael Morpurgo books. Can anyone make a recommendation?

  2. There is lots of tension during the story example:when David and Tucky had to wait until the next day to see if the man and the plane is a Gurman or not.👌Book Mr Flint.

  3. Friend or foe is a book that is fiction based on fact , this book linked really well with our topic when we were learning about World War I would recommend this book for ks2 and up . This book could be read any time . I really enjoyed this book and would read it again📚😀

  4. This was an interesting choice of book 📚 because It had a lot of emotions in it. Like, it was a little sad 😭 when Tucky and David had to leave their mothers but it made me feel nervous 😩 because I didn’t know what was going to happen to them. Even though it was a little emotional it still was a adventerous book to go through and read. Good 😊 choice of book Mr Flint.

  5. I agree James it does paint a picture in your head, and you can even feel what the character is feeling, especially when David and Tucky were the last ones to be picked. I felt so bad for them.

  6. I like this book because it shows me what it’s like to be a kid in the World Wars, most WW1/2 stories are about adults fighting in the World Wars but this book is amazing.

    Do I recommend this book?

    Of course, it’s was a great book and like other books, if it has suspense then I like it.

  7. This book is very intriguing because it is different and the cliff hangers just want to make you read more and more. It is a very adventurous book and takes you back when the war was happening. I would recommend this book to adults and children because it is a very good book.

  8. I enjoyed friend or foe because it was one mystery after another. I also didn’t get bored of the book because it stayed interesting throughout. The book sounded really real and it painted an amazing picture in my mind. I really enjoyed reading it as our literacy book and our class reader. The most mysterious and cliff hanging part was if David and Tucky really saw the German bomber plane or not. It was also serious and I think people aged 8+ would enjoy the book.

  9. I would recommend this book to others learning about World War One and Two because it gives you description what mite have actually happened. Also I would recommend this book to people who are in to adventure because this book is full of exploring and finding out interesting things.

  10. I love this book because there’s loads of tension that builds up and then you come across a twist! Also, the description is amazing and it creates a vivid scene in your mind, like when they went out onto the moor.

    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure books and books with tension in.

  11. This book is very interesting and it has different sides of the book because in the story they have to make the right decision and you can debate if they made the right decisions or the rong decision. you can debate with other people with a different idea to try and change it to your idea.

  12. Friend or foe is a serious book that can be funny at times but heartbreaking too. It was really sad when David had to leave his mum and go and get adopted.I really would recommend his book to another class maybe Y4 because it might not be suitable for younger kids.

    1. Would you feel like Tucky and David when they got adopted?

      Would you feel the same or would you feel different? Why?

    1. Can you think of a particularly vivid picture that the book painted for you? Think of something specific that brought the story to life.

  13. I love this book, because it funny but dramatic, that what people like in books so I would recommend this book to everyone in the school

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