55 thoughts on “What would you do if a lion stole your arm?

  1. I like the book because you think something is going to happen but something else happens. I also like it because Perdue keeps changing his mind.

  2. This book is so interesting. Every time we have to wait till next week to read on, I’m always really annoyed! There are so many cliffhangers and Pedru always has different thoughts about his lion you never know what he will do. It is so unpredictable and full of suspense. I would recommend ‘The Lion Who Stole My Arm’ because it is so intriguing and when Ms Storms reads it to us I always end with my mouth open!

  3. I could not agree more Amilie, ms Storms does read with enthusiasm, and there is lots of tension as you said and true there are really hard wordsπŸ˜’ but we can understand them from the context so it’s not that hard to read if your over the age of 8.

    1. Amman, thanks for the nice words about my enthusiastic reading! I agree about the vocabulary and reading age for the book. I love getting to learn some new words as I read a book.

  4. I really like this book because it got really good cliff hangers and it really get you into the mood to read the book even more to read it. Each and each chapter gets more intense then the last one. The lion 🦁 (anjani) took Pedro arm and and from that day he wanted revenge.

  5. I love the book because of all the cliff hangers and the amount of them their is never a good place to stop. When we have the next book in the series I will love it and I hope there are more cliff hangers. I would recommend this book because it is just a good book and I think most people would like it,even though some bit a to bad to think of in real life, the next book in the series would be even better than the lion who stole my arm. The problem is that the book is so good a lot of people would like to have it from the library. So Storms please can you get more copies so it will be easier for the children to have a go.

    1. Alfie, thanks for your feedback and request for some copies of this book. I’ll ask Mr Roberts and see if I can get some over the Easter break.

  6. Miss storms,
    This book is wonderfully, its interresting but silly. I would recommend this book mabe y3 because it’s a book there will love.
    Thanks Miss Storm for reading us that amazing book.

  7. I liked this book because, the clif hangers on each chapter were really intense and it made the story more interesting to the readers. It was intense because the Pedro always on the case for the lion 🦁 who stole his arm.
    Thanks for choosing this book for us Miss storms.

  8. I love the book because it’s amazing !
    I think the next one we read is manatee baby because the cover looks awesome and I think ,
    Because the cover looks awesome the book itself has to be amazing!πŸ‘πŸ»
    I would recommend this book to People who like lions and to people who like reading books

    1. Erin, I’m so glad you like the book; I do too! Thanks for your vote for Manatee Baby. I would really like to read that too.

  9. I would recommend this book to children 8 or over because there are a lot of clif hangers and tension built into it. And there are some difficult words to understand.

    I love this book because you want to find out what happens next! It always builds up every time you read it. But… it is olnly interesting if the reader expresses the feelings in the story!
    Our librarian (Ms Storms) does that brilliantly!!!


  10. I like this book b ecause it starts off quite scary because the lion steals pedrus’s arm but the later on in the book Pedru feels determined to find the lion who stole his arm but on he way pedru needs to learn how to write again . But Pedru wants to find his lion but can he?πŸ“šπŸ¦Thank Ms Storms fo reading this wonderful book to us.πŸ‘

  11. I would recommend this book because it is really interesting, every time we read it in the library, what I think might happen something even more interesting happens. Pedru really has to think what he has to do next in the book.πŸ€”

  12. I would recommend this book to people who like tense books and also cliffhangers because it happens all of a sudden. But it is fun to read and I enjoy it.

  13. This is my book review:
    There is so much drama and every page is a cliff hanger.
    I could read this book a thousand times before it bores me that is how spectacular the just the first page is, anyone who likes dramatic situations just look no further then this.
    Recommend to everyone because it really takes you from your sofa at home all the way to that little village in Africa and you may not know it but you can learn so many things about that place but not only that, you also learn life lessons like; revenge is never the answer and actions speak louder then words.
    So yes that is what I think about this book.

  14. Firstly, I just want to say that I love this book, I love the suspense and the unguessable avents that happen throughout the book. I loved the confidence and determination that Pedru had and was showing when he was trying to hunt his lion down. I LOVED EVERYTHING!! πŸ€—

  15. My book review on the lion who stole my arm:

    What happened so far:
    Pedru’s arm got stolen
    He wants revenge
    He kills the wrong lion accidentally
    He finds out who the his lion is called (anjani)

    I really like this book because it is so intense and I want to know what happens next in this fantastic book!

    I recommend this book to other children in the school because for children who like cliffhangers will love this book.

  16. This book is a great book so far because it’s different to to what we would usually read in the library, the books we usually would read would be fictional and lighthearted ,this book is still fiction but it’s fiction based on fact .

  17. I loved this πŸ“š book because it was dramatic and the author always ended it with a cliffhanger. The author put a lot of effort and thought in this book. It was interesting and had a lot of facts about lions 🦁 and it was also very adventurous. I wonder what happens next. Good choice of book Ms Storms. πŸ‘

  18. I like this book because it is funny at the same time as being a bit sad. Also there is a lot of adventure and cliff hangers. Lots of people in the class like it as well and Ms Storms has lots of enthusiasm while reading the book.

  19. I think that this is a very good book to read because it has lots of cliffhangers and is really interesting how a boy gets his hand stolen by a lion and he wants revenge. I think is a really good book for any group age and you can re search about lots of things in the book.

  20. I really enjoyed it too, because it was definitely tense and it was extremely exciting, when Pedru looses his arm he becomes more independent. I would recommend it to people who like adventure and cliff hangers in a book.

    1. Esha, that’s a great point; Pedru does find his own way after his arm is ripped off and he ends up more independent. I didn’t expect that.

  21. It’s a good book actually most people in our class like it. As soon as I saw this book I knew it would be a good book. I would recommend this book because it would make people curious for what is going to happen especially as soon as you hear that his arms was stolen they would straight away just want to know what happens next. Hopefully we read more similar books to this like follow the series.

    1. Andy, thank you for your thoughts. I’m glad the book is one we are all enjoying, especially because I’m excited to read it. Which book should be the next we read?

  22. I love this book a lot and I would recommend the book because of it builds up suspense and it makes you intrigued about what is going to happen, with its story changing every now and then. I think that the story is going to change and he will think that his plan has not worked and change his mind about hunting the lion and just leave it alone.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Toby. I too think something will change with Pedru’s plans by the end of the book.

  23. I would recommend this book because its so exciting and its an interesting book to read. The book makes you to think, that it actually real but its not.

  24. My book review:

    What happens:
    .Pedru gets his arm stolen by a lion
    .He wants to get revenge
    .He accidentally kills the wrong dragon
    .They go hunting for the real lion (anjani)

    What I like about it:
    .It is tense and you really want to find out if he’s going to find the lion or not.
    .His dad gave him hope when he lost an arm.
    .The description of the lion.

    Do I reccomend it?
    Yes I definitely reccomend it also within the story it includes a moral and is an absalutely amazing book that you should really try, you will be really intregued while reading it! It is also quite emotional at the start because of how you felt hearing a lion stole his arm!

    Rating: five star

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