Y5/6: What has ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ got to do with science? (Part 2)

I’m sure you’ve all watched Tinga Tinga Tales at some point, but did you know that underneath the stories and the beautiful artwork, there is some fascinating science that challenged many peoples view of how living things evolve and adapt to their environment? Watch the video and see if you can see how it links to our earlier research.

Other useful resources:

Mary Anning

Alfred Russel Wallace

Charles Darwin


Mr Flint

Year 5 Teacher. Subject Leader for Computing & Music.

2 thoughts on “Y5/6: What has ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ got to do with science? (Part 2)

  1. Due to this video I watched, I think that science links because it is related to the growth and adaptation of animals and why things happen to animals in what way, for example Why the Girrafe had a long neck…
    During the programme the characters ask lots of questions and try to find different solutions to problems. I have also took a look and did some research from the links you put and I also found out that there is a link between all the important people from history you put, Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin were both naturalists and made new discoveries just like Mary anning who discovered and found fossilsMary Anning also changed a lot of people’s view on dinosaurs,due to her discoveries.

  2. In my opinion I’d say that the way it links to science is that it’s basically the growth of animals and it tells us how the things happened to animals. What you see in that video you may not believe but that is maybe what they think.

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