Year 6 – Battleship fun

To consolidate our Maths learning this week, Year 6  have had great fun playing battleships with a partner of their choice. They showed great maturity in their choices of their partner and thought about themselves as a learner rather than working with their friends. Year 6, how did you decide who you wanted to learn with this morning?

13 thoughts on “Year 6 – Battleship fun

  1. I enjoyed battle ships, even though I lost, because I think it’s fun linking our maths to a game everyone loves!!!

  2. It was really fun to be able to play battle ships in maths and lean about co-ordinates in a new and different way. It was so much fun staying positive even if you were not winning and they nearly have bombed all your ships. I hope we will be able do play more games in the future.

  3. I really enjoyed battle ship because it was fun and helpful even though you would get a little angry when you didn’t get the right coordinates but It helped me with my coordinates

  4. I chose my partner by knowing the person that will work very well with me, the partner that I chose was not only my friend but I knew that we get along.My partner also does not distract me so I know that she/he will have a good effect on my learning and will be a good influence to me, which means she can block destractions coming from another person and concentrate with what we are supposed to do, I love how we were able to choose who we work with because you are then independently taking charge of your own learning, YOYOL.
    You also get to decide yourself and this makes you a independent life long learner. I loved playing battle ships because it was a fun way to do maths and learning it was also a different way.

  5. It was really great fun yes I lost so what I don’t care because it was great fun. It really helped me more in my coordinates as well we should do these games more often really not just because it’s fun but it’s helpful great maths lesson today.😁

  6. A way to play a game and learn at the same time. I think that many people liked it and would love to do something similar with our next maths topic. This was a great idea!

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