Y5 Geometry: The new £1 coin

As you know, year 5, I love it when news stories tie in with our learning in class. This is the new , 12 sided, pound coin that comes into circulation (will start being used) on 28th March 2017. I found this website, which is very interesting but it doesn’t tell me anything about the geometry of the coin, aside from it having 12 sides.

Thinking about what we’ve been learning in maths, what additional information could we find out or calculate about this coin?

Mr Flint

Year 5 Teacher. Subject Leader for Computing & Music.

16 thoughts on “Y5 Geometry: The new £1 coin

  1. I find the new £1 coin really cool and interesting because it has 12 sides unlike any other coin and when it comes out we may be able to find out the perimeter and area.

    1. I agree, it does look cool! What’s a 12 sided shape called Esha? Also, there must be a more mathematical way of referring to the ‘sides’. Any thoughts?

  2. I think this new 1 pound coin is really cool especially because its the most secure coin in the world! Also, the coin looks really good.

    1. Yes James – it’ll be much harder to make ‘forgeries’. Maybe you could find out how many fake £1 coins are thought to be in circulation at the moment?

      1. Mr. Flint, i’ve done some research and the estimated amount for fake coins is around 30 million! Isn’t that amazing?

        1. That is a staggering amount, James! Thanks for taking the time out to do the research – i’ll make sure you get a chance to share it with the class.

  3. The new pound coin:
    A 12-sided shape is called a dodecagon.
    A dodecagon is a type of polygon, which is a two-dimensional shape.

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