Y5/6: What has ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ got to do with science? (Part 1)

Before we reveal what our science focus is, what do you think links these pictures (hover over them for additional information). What strategies will you use, and what resources will you need to start making links between them? What will you do if you find a word that you don’t understand? What information or knowledge do you already have that might help?


Mr Flint

Year 5 Teacher. Subject Leader for Computing & Music.

13 thoughts on “Y5/6: What has ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ got to do with science? (Part 1)

  1. Our next mystery science topic sounds and looks very interesting. Looking at the pictures, I predict that it might be about historical books and maybe the skeleton and growth of animals because I can see a picture of the skeleton of a type of dinosaur and there is a picture that has been labelled evolution also in that picture it has someone/ animal growing , I also think maybe we might be investigating into history, due to the pictures of people that are important in history. I can’t wait to find out!

  2. I think this book (Tinga Tinga Tales) could have a link with science because it has a range of animals in the book also it might include facts and questions because its title is Why Girrafe has a long neck?

  3. Our new topic looks extremely interesting. It could be about African tales. I think this because with younger siblings, i have seen tinga tinga tales and they are about African myths. Also, after doing some research, I found that tinga tinga tales are based on the just so stories by Rudyard Kipling ,that is also one of the pictures. I also saw,that one of the men in the picture is Charles Darwin, who i think invented the theory of people originally being monkeys which links to the monkey to humans picture. The other man is Alfred Russel Wallace, according to Wikipedia, he did some work with Charles Darwin. I don’t see how the fossil links because after doing research it is a plesiosaurs fossil. Those are reptiles that appeared in latest Triassic period. These fossils can link to the lady in the picture because she is Mary Anning, who was a fossil collector. Our topic may be about African myths based on the plesiosaurs fossil, i can’t wait to find out more.

  4. Wow Ibtessem & Jolie! I’m so happy that you took some time out at home to give this some thought. You’ve made some really good links there and are both getting close to finding out the new science topic. I think y6 will be talking about it in class on Friday. Watch out for another post…

  5. Wow girls! Trying to figure out what the topic is going to be about seems incredibly exciting. Perhaps we should let you decide where your own inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge will take you. If you were going to take this further, which of the ideas you suggested are the ones you’d be most interested in finding out more about?

  6. Ibs and Jolie – You have shown some fantastic learning at home and I am extremely impressed with some of the links you have made. I love how you have both independently chosen to research. Jolie… How are you planning on finding out more?

    1. I would love to look further into history also I am very interested in finding about Charles Darwin and Mary Anning especially how there’s even the dinosaur fossils included somewhere within our topic.

      I would love to read some African myths as the Tinga Tinga Tales has really made me intrigued and would love to explore further into them.

      I am interested in the picture where it has a monkey into a human wich links to Charles Darwins’ theory of humans originally being monkeys, it would be a extremely interesting science topic and seems it will have quite a few experiments to explore and discover.

  7. Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace studied evolution and Alfred Wallace continued Charles Darwin’s theory on evolution.

  8. We can’t wait to find out what the link is but we predict that, it has something to do with the evolution of how we (apparently) evolved from apes.

  9. I think the link between the pictures is how humans and animals developed throughout time and the people who discovered it.

  10. I don’t know exactly how this links to our science but I’m guessing that it will be fun. So the way I think it links to our science is probably the evolution of humans possibly or something to do with animals. Whatever it is I can’t wait I’m so excited!!!

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