Music: ‘Ode to Joy’, Beethoven

Mr Fisher shared this video with us today, then years 5 and 6 began learning how to play it on their instruments. We’re not quite up to the standard of the musicians in the video yet, but you have to start somewhere…

Which instruments can you see/hear?

Can you work out the BPM?

Mr Fisher also asked if you could make a graph of this piece of music? What could he mean? Is anyone willing to have a ‘can do’ attitude and give it a go?

Mr Flint

Year 5 Teacher. Subject Leader for Computing & Music.

5 thoughts on “Music: ‘Ode to Joy’, Beethoven

    1. I agree Esha and its cool how so many people gathered round just to see them. Also, it all came from just one instrument!

  1. The Ode to joy music video/flash mob really inspired me how everyone came on at different times but made it sound really good also they kept in time with each other, it sounded amazing, it was great fun learning some of it during trumpets and we are all enjoying it.

  2. I love the tune of ode to joy. when I saw it at first there was only 2 people playing I knew that couldn’t be it I knew there had to be more Instrument players and there were. It really got the people’s attention and everyone loved it, plus it is a very common piece of music you’d hear.

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