Care and Achieve – LSAs lead change

This academic year our LSAs are leading a project of change. Each project is designed to develop pupil independence in different ways. Over the year the LSAs have created posters as part of their project plan and shared these with a widening audience. We have been asked to share them at a forthcoming Learning Network Event hosted by The Centre of Excellence for Social Learning.

Why is pupil independence so important to learning and how does this develop life long learners?


One thought on “Care and Achieve – LSAs lead change

  1. I think independence for students (like me) is extremely important because that means we will be able to do things independently and think things through on our own, we can also solve obstacles without much adult help. Independence will develop life long learners because every time you do something independently you will learn from it with no one telling the answer you can just figure it out yourself, wich will make you never stop learning (life long learners).

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