Y5/6 trip to St Albans Synagogue & Cathedral

Y5/6 brought their RE learning to life by going on a trip to St Albans. We visited a synagogue first to learn about Judaism. The children gained first hand experience of how Jewish people worship and celebrate their faith. My group particularly enjoyed ‘Friday Night Dinner!’ Huge thanks to all the ladies from the synagogue for making us feel so welcome.

Then, a short trip back to the Cathedral, lunch in the wind, then inside for a tour. We learnt about St Alban (the first Christian martyr), and the changes the building had gone through from its beginnings as a shrine to St Alban, to the grand Norman building we see today.

A great day out. Year 5/6 – what interested you?

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Jam tart shopping list


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This week Year 1 have been reading a non- fiction book called ‘Jam tarts’. It explains how to go on a shopping trip and buy different food items. Year 1 loved reading about the trip and decided that they would like to go on a trip to the shops themselves. This morning they have been working collaboratively¬†to create a shopping list of the ingredients needed to make Jam tarts. They numbered each item and used their sound mats and Fred talk to sound out. Some children even managed to spell their red words correctly! They are very excited to bring their shopping lists with them after break and can’t wait to work out the money they need to spend ūüėä

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More developments in the mud kitchen

Over half term Mrs Biss has been very busy developing our mud kitchen. There have been further additions to the area including a busy board and new chalk board area as well as lots of pruning and gardening ready for spring.

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Many thanks to the families who made donations for items on the busy board. This is a fantastic problem solving opportunity for the children to undo locks and find keys at the same time as strengthening their finger muscles. All of this prepares them for when they are ready to start writing.

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EYFS fly kites

Nursery and Reception took advantage of the very windy weather to create kites to fly in the garden.  At first we used plastic bags and then made kites with paper bags.  We made sure we had written our names on them so we know who they belong to!

Josie-Mae said “I went on the hill to make it go higher.”

Jayan said “Kites go really high because the wind pushes them up.”

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We learnt to hold onto the kites tightly otherwise they flew away.

George said “My kite was floating away but I ran and got it.”

Ralph said “It flew away but I catched it.”

Hadley said “It flew away and it is in the pond where the lily pads are.”

“My kite flew away because it came out of my hand.” said Eleanor

The children flew the kites in different areas of the garden.


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