PTA Meeting tonight

Tonight, members of our PTA met to review recent events and discuss a range of upcoming events. Key ideas were; Easter disco at the club, Mother’s Day Gifts, Easter egg donations, the Summer Fair and Firework night. The PTA also approved donations to the school to support learning including class trips and a surprise for Year 6!

Plans were shared about ideas to create a kitchen/cooking area for pupils in our community room.


Many thanks to our wonderful PTA members. If you can support us in anyway please join us at our next meeting on 9th March.


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Year 6 – Diversity within Christianity and Judaism

Year 6,

In pairs, research and find out the diversity with Judaism and Christianity today.
What is the same and what is different between . . . .
Jewish – Liberal, Progressive, Reform and Orthodox

Christian – Baptist, Methodist, Evangelist, United Reform, Roman Catholic, Church of England

Remember to use follow the process on how to carry out successful research.

Before you start, have a think about the questions below, which may support your learning.

What do you already know?

What do you want to find out about?

You will be deciding which websites are useful for this task and we will add them as the lesson goes on.



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