Take a moment…

Here are some views from our playground  that literally made me stop in my tracks.

The ones with the lines going across the sky were taken at about 7.45am this morning. If you look carefully, you can still see the moon.

The other photo was taken at about 4.30pm from virtually the same position.

What is similar about the photos? How do they differ? What questions come into you head?

When was the last time you just took a moment for yourself and just thought, ‘wow’.

(update – I just added one taken at around 5.30pm a few days later – what do you think?)

6 thoughts on “Take a moment…

  1. Wow I’ve never seen anything like it it’s just so beautiful it’s great witnessing that because you don’t see the sky like that so often it’s just brilliant.

  2. That is some good pictures!!! In the morning it is diffrent becasuse the sun is infront of the trees so you can see the colour and in the evening the sun is behind so you see black silhouette.

  3. Wow! they are beautiful views, it is a very good idea to just stop and take a look at the nature around us also this morning I saw the sunset and I thought it looked amazing.

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