Science in Reception

Yesterday the children filled balloons with water and leaves and hung them on the fence to see what would happen overnight.  This morning we went out to investigate and found that the balloons were very hard when yesterday they had been soft.  Upon opening the balloons the children found that they were full of ice and said that it was because it had been very cold.  There was Duplo frozen in the water tray and some small people and animals (not real ones!) frozen in the sensory tubs.  The children then went and found ice in all sorts of different places.  When we went out this afternoon, the children were surprised to see that the some ice was still there.  Someone commented that it wasn’t hot enough for the ice to melt.  I wonder what will be icy in the garden tomorrow?


More Science has taken place inside as children have been planting their own beans.  Some are beginning to sprout which is very exciting.  We will update you with photos as the beans grow.

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Take a moment…

Here are some views from our playground  that literally made me stop in my tracks.

The ones with the lines going across the sky were taken at about 7.45am this morning. If you look carefully, you can still see the moon.

The other photo was taken at about 4.30pm from virtually the same position.

What is similar about the photos? How do they differ? What questions come into you head?

When was the last time you just took a moment for yourself and just thought, ‘wow’.

(update – I just added one taken at around 5.30pm a few days later – what do you think?)

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An example of editing

This morning, Year 6 were shown what editing looks like through the eyes of an author. We looked at a first edit of Northern Lights written by Philip Pullman and the children were amazed at how editing meant things being cut out rather than added.

Have a look at the link below.

Year 6, what are your thoughts on editing?



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