4 thoughts on “Chatty Maths Week 3

  1. Another lively ‘chatty maths’ debate. We discussed how this is a very abstract idea but Jasmine brought us back down to earth by saying, ‘i’d get rid of subtraction because the method is harder!” Some other thoughts…

    Daniel G: “If you keep taking away the things that you love the most you will start to value what you have left.”

    Max D: “I’d rather have addition so that we never have to use negative numbers.”

    Aidan: “If we didn’t have subtraction, we could never eat because that is taking away.”

    Harrison: “If you keep adding you’ll end up with too much of something that you can never take away.”

    Jessica: “If we only had addition we could get to a point in our life that we were really happy, then just keep adding zero!”

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