13 thoughts on “Chatty Maths Week 2

  1. I thought about to get lost in filed because if you go in are going est or west etc.. you will find a way to get out from there. Either my mom decide to get lost in the filed!

  2. Unfortunately the thought of being stuck in the shed or lost in the field caused upset so we didn’t get very far with which he would choose & why. It may be a little scary at 4.5 years old or maybe wrong timing…

    1. I think this is an excellent point and we have discussed it as a staff. For next week, we are looking at considering two more positive options to avoid putting anyone off. Thank you for the feedback!

  3. I’ve havn’t changed my mind and I’d rather be Stuck in a Shed because I could use the objects in the Shed to get out.

  4. I really like chatty maths because we had to have a debate. We had to communicate effectively by thinking of ways to convince our partners.

  5. Year 3 began their discussions, feeling excited about sharing their ideas with each other. They showed collaboration and skills of being an analytical learner by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the two options. They all made their own decisions however when having to choose one option as a table they found this quite a challenge. Knowing there wasn’t one way or one answer made this task easier as they could change their opinions as they discussed the options as a group.

    William: ‘If I had to choose, I would rather be stuck in a field because if i was in a shed I might suffocate.’

    Frank: ‘If I had to choose, I would rather be locked in the shed because I would use the tools in the shed to force my way out.’

    Rose: ‘If I had to choose, I would rather be locked in the shed because if it was raining I would have shelter and I wouldn’t have this if I was in the field.’

    Orla: ‘ If I had to choose, I would rather be lost in the field because if I was in the shed I wouldn’t have anything to eat but in the field I would find something to eat.’

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