LARGE SCALE mark making!

Last Friday Nursery had an opportunity to explore mark making on a large scale (a very large scale!). Often we talk about size as an abstract concept and it is vital young children explore the differences for real. The children could run up and down as they made marks or choice to focus on a smaller area.

The hall floor was covered in very long strips of paper. The paper was different colours and textures and the children had to decide whether to use crayons, pens and florescent pencils.

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Small worlds

Over the past half term Nursery have been fascinated by blocks, bricks and boards. Block play enables children to develop their problem solving skills and persist in finding solutions – for example balancing different shapes in a structure or finding the right block to place next.

There has been significant language development as the children consult with their peers about what to position and where. There has also been opportunities for pupils to create costumes and outfits for the small people and include items from the transient art to add details. By consultation and decision of the pupils we also added some mirrored blocks earlier this half term.

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Year 1 and Reception making sandwiches

Year 1 have completed some wonderful instructions on how to make jam sandwiches and wanted to check that they had completed all the steps correctly. Reception class were invited to the Year 1 classroom where the children read instructions to Reception children. There was lovely listening by Reception as they followed the clear instructions given by Year 1 and there was some wonderful sandwich making going on. When the sandwiches were completed all the children sat down to enjoy them. I wonder what else we could put in a sandwich? Would the instructions be the same?

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Jammy Robots

Today in literacy, Year 1 used their knowledge of ‘bossy’ (imperative) verbs and time conjunctions to write instructions collaboratively. They instructed Miss Crowley step-by-step to make a yummy jam sandwich!

Once they had their instructions, they then went off in partners to follow them and create their own jam sandwich to share- delicious!

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Safer Internet Day 2018

In assembly today, we talked about what being ‘safe online’ means.

We also discussed what ‘Social Media’ is and whether any of you have used it. You were very honest; lots of you said that you had used it and I saw a sea of shocked faces when I told you how old you are supposed to be to use various social media platforms (see below).

So, given that a huge number of KS2 children put their hand up to say they’ve used social media, but you have to agree to being over 13 years old to get an account (older for some), what questions does that raise?

Some very difficult ones!


Maple Cross Children: We will be following this up in class. Your teachers will be finishing the quiz we started in assembly with you.

Parents: Social Media is an absolute minefield. We are looking to work much more closely with you on e-safety, More to follow, but in the meantime, please refer to our e-safety page or



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