Potato Bucket Challenge

Maple Cross Nursery 18/19 now Reception 19/20 entered the Potato Bucket Challenge set by Rickmansworth Garden, Arts and Homecrafts Society. They were given 10  buckets, each containing three seed potatoes and were asked to grow the potato plants over the next few months. We are pleased to announce that Maple Cross won with the largest combined weight of potatoes. Mrs Biss has just collected the winning certificate and trophy. Well done to all involved.


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Learning represented through Imaginative Artwork

Today, different classes worked together to think about how they can represent the concept of LEARNING through Art. The children were not allowed to use pencils or pens and had to be collaborative learners bringing together shared ideas to create these stunning creative pieces.

Each group was able to talk through how their creations were linked to learning. We were very impressed with all of the wonderful ideas that were shared.

Mrs Tricket is very excited to put each piece up for display to welcome us back into school in September.

Please take a momen to talk to your child about the ideas behind their pieces, I’m sure they will WOW you as they did us!

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Today’s news is tomorrow’s history

Our current news display

Year 5’s ideas about how they can help

Year 6’s ideas about how they can help

During this summer term in the library, Years 5 and 6 have been reading current newspapers and reflecting on what they are reading, specifically how they feel about current news. These articles have been put up on a display, along with their writing about their reactions. The articles they felt strongly towards cover news from all over the world but some common themes developed, such as climate change, pollution, recycling, and natural disasters.

In our last week on this project, we researched and thought about ways we could help. The two white board images show what each class thought about and their ideas about helping or improving these issues.

Well done to everyone in Year 5 and 6 for their hard work on this, their thoughtful ideas, and their commitments to improving global concerns.

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