Skoolbo World Cup!!

Maple Cross, the Skoolbo world cup has started! Lets all pull together to help get Team GB to the number one spot! You don’t have to do anything different – just play as normal. The only difference is that every point you earn goes to team GB as well.

Click here for more info, including the current World Cup Leaderboard.

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Y4,5,6: Mr Fisher’s Music Diary !

As you know, Mr Fisher and I LOVE music. Over the next couple of weeks, and over Christmas, listen out for when you hear music.

Do you know the song? Do you wish you knew the song? What do you like about it? How does it make you feel? Do you recognise the instruments? Do you recognise the instrument family? Where were you when you heard it?

Come and tell us about it or comment below – we’d love to hear all about your experience of music outside of school!

Mr Fisher & Mr Flint

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More super learning in Nursery

This week the children have been flying with their learning. We have had builders, pirates and artists!

Some of the children have been creating bridges and making repairs using tools. Others have been painting and some were inspired to build their own pirate ship. The boys selected boxes to use for the hull and seats. They added buttons, lights and a mast. We look forward to developing their learning over the rest of the week.

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Y5: Chocolate Market Research


We’ll be doing some market research today (Tuesday) into our Christmas Fayre project. We’ll be using these websites to see what sort of products we are in competition with and to get some inspiration.


Hotel Chocolat


Green & Black

We’ll also be looking at prices and weight of chocolate. Could we use this information to compare products? What other information do you think would be useful?

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Y5 Maths Week: Chocolate pricing & costing activity.

Year 5 HomepageYear 5. We’ve researched the competition and taken inspiration from the established chocolate brands.

Now we need to begin the process of working out how much our project will cost in order to pitch it to the PTA. We’ll need to think about the cost of the moulds, packaging, chocolate and anything we need to add to the chocolate (edible glitter etc).

Important points to note:

  • We don’t yet know how much chocolate we need (we’ll work that out tomorrow) – focus on ‘best price’ can you work out a price per gram of chocolate – compare different shops.
  • We are looking for the best (cheapest) price.





Amazon (use for researching silicone moulds)

Tiny Box Co (use for researching gift boxes)

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Reception visit Rickmansworth Fire Station!

This morning, Reception visited Rickmansworth Fire Station.  We travelled by bus and enjoyed seeing lots of Christmas decorations on the way.  We then walked to the Fire Station where the fire fighters showed us the Fire Engine.  We were told that if the alarm went off we would need to move to the back of the station and out of the door as they would need to leave quickly to attend an emergency.  Just as the children were taking it in turns to see inside the fire engine the alarm went off.  The children had remembered exactly what to do and moved quickly out of the way.  We then watched the fire engine leave with it’s siren on and blue lights flashing.  Even though the fire fighters had left the station we were still able to see around the rest of it.  The children were able to see where the fire fighters keep fit, where they eat and where they do their learning.  After we had left the station we walked back to the bus stop where we practised our singing whilst waiting for the bus.

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Grammar Games

We have been using some o these online resources to help secure our grammar skills. Here are some partiularly useful ones that you can explore at home.

What are Nounsnoun-game?

Game that explores different types of nouns. We have begun looking at concrete and abstract nouns in class. So have a practice of them!





The Quest for Comma Castle

Great came for practicing those punctuation skills. You can choose a level to challenge yourself!




Punctuating Speeparts-of-speechch

This has been a focus of Mrs. B’s this week. Tune up your punctuating skills with this game.


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