Year 6 – WW2 leaders research

After our discussion in the morning about who the various nations leaders were during World War 2, there are some links below which you may want to use to:

1. Look at the websites below and decide which leader you would like to make a factfile about.

2. Using the sheet provided, create factfile. Remember we are not copying! Write the information down in your own words. We are particularly interested in what they did, and what impact they had on the course of the war.

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Year 1 – water colours

Within literacy, the children have been rewriting their favourite story, the robot and the bluebird. Today they created their own little bird who brings the robots heart back to life. The focus of today’s learning was the use of water colours and how to create delicate strokes like feathers.

The children reviewed their paintings as a whole class and identified that too much water causes the colours to run. For the second paintings the children decided to use less water and focus on the shapes they can make with the paintbrush.

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