Message from Ms Short

Dear the Maple Cross family,

Just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful cards and presents, you’ve all been extremely generous. I’d also like to thank all the children – at Maple Cross – I have loved every minute of the last three years – please keep up with all your sports – especially fit 15!😉 I look forward to coming back and seeing you all soon! Miss you all x

Lots of love

Miss Short

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Learning to be proud of…

The Learning Team in year 5 – Children, Teachers, Parents and Supportive wider community – have blown my mind!

I was delighted to welcome Mr John Shaw to open our ‘Reflection Section’ in celebration of his wonderful wife and our incredible governor, Ann Shaw.

Mr Flint and Mr Watson were able to share the amazing learning journey they have taken the children on and we could all see the impact of that journey on the children. An added bonus was our new area for reflection and learning!

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Thank you to all.


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Ooh arrr me hearties – Nursery pirates sail the high seas!

Today Nursery had a wonderful morning learning to sail. We left school, travelled by public transport and walked through the Aqaudrome. We spotted berries growing and listened to the crickets and grass hoppers in the long, dry grass.

The children were fantastic and it was repeatedly commented on how polite, well mannered and focused they were. Nursery embraced new challenges and obstacles with a “YES we can” attitude. It is great to see them putting all we have learnt to use.

To quote Oli, “This is the best day of my whole life!”

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Nurseries favourite stories

This morning Nursery selected some of their favourite stories we have read over the year. These books are from our core book box and the children hear them read again and again and again. When we read them as a whole class the children join in, adding expression and rhythm.

Today the children selected a favourite and read it to a friend or themselves. It was wonderful to hear them become such fantastic story tellers.


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The BIG Debate

The Philosophy Club organised and ran three Debates which culminated in a panel debate.

The question: Are people born bad or do people do bad things?

We were lucky enough to welcome Professor Paul Standish from the (UCL)  Institute of education to listen to the debate and offer some ideas.

Thank you to the Philosophy Club, and all the children for participating so passionately and so openly to other people’s ideas.

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