Don’t forget to let love in.

This week in assembly we have been discussing how we let love in. We identified different ways we can show love and opportunities when we can do this. We also looked at pictures and thought about the following . . .

*We are all special – there are 6.7 billion people on the planet but there is only one us

*We are the apple of someones eye – knowing we are loved helps our heart to grow

*How do we develop love for ourselves? What do we love about ourselves?

What have you done to grow your heart?

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Year 2 – 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 turns . . . . clock time!

This week, Year 2 are learning to understand all the details on a clock face in preparation for some challenging time problems later in the week. Today they have been turning in 1/4, 2/4 (1/2) and 3/4 turns and always starting at 12.

The pupils have been creating clocks on the playground and applying their fractions knowledge. They have also been describing the details of what they notice when clock hands are at different points.

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Nursery are writers!

The nursery children have started to learn the first set of phonic letters/sounds.  It’s only been a week and they already know five letters. They have spent the week practicing and have started to write them too. Today they showed their parents/carers in assembly how well they can write them and numbers too.  I think you’ll agree, they’ve done some amazing work.

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Growing seeds

Have you ever wondered what a seed looks like when its growing under the soil? –  Nursery have. This week we planted Nasturtium seeds and we  wondered how they were changing, but we couldn’t see them.  We put some runner bean/broad bean seeds into see through containers and bags so we can watch them change.  We know seeds need soil, water and light – will these grow without soil?

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Cave Paintings

Year 4 explored the various Stone Age cave paintings that have been discovered around the world. They used the styles of the different caves to create their own versions of the paintings. It was brilliant to see so many children taking risks in their learning by trying out new ideas, reflecting on what worked well and using this to create their final version.

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Y3 Guided Reading

This morning, Year 3 were excited to explore their new guided reading texts. As a team, they were able to re-assemble their front cover using a range of clues.

Already, the children are beginning to ‘stumble’ on new vocabulary and explore their own hidden connections to these new words!

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