Looking for clues in Reception

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After the amazing find in Maple Cross Explorers yesterday, children had a look at the object and gave ideas as to what it could be.  The main idea was it could be from a dinosaur but we soon realised that dinosaurs lived a very long time ago.  The children thought it would be a good idea to go outside and look for clues. They took magnifying glasses and also torches in case there were things hidden in the dark.  We found lots of clues but we still don’t know what our mystery object is.

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Y5: WALT consider sentence structure whilst writing explanation texts.

This week in literacy, y5,  we will be writing an information text based on our experience at ‘Hazard Alley’. When complete, they will all be put together to make our very own ‘y5 safety booklet’ (we’ll send a copy to Hazard Alley to see what they think).

This is a great opportunity for us to focus on some technical skills in our writing. Take a look at these terms:

  • main/independent clause
  • subordinate/dependent clause
  • relative clause
  • adverbial clause/phrase
  • (coordinating) conjunction
  • modal verb
  • relative pronoun
  • imperative verb
  • parenthesis
  • noun / verb / adverb

We’ll discuss them in class again – but you can use the glossary at the bottom of the page to help you, throughout your learning this week.

This sentence has had all of the punctuation removed:

the water which may be very deep should only be entered by professional rescue services (more…)

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Maple Cross Explorers

There was a lot of fabulous, collaborative learning on display this afternoon during Maple Cross Explorers.  The children were able to work together to build a shelter for themselves, a place for the Gruffalo to be safe from the elements, spiders webs and towers.  Another activity involved them using their senses, apart from their sight, to find a tree that they had been taken to blindfold.  Have a look at the photos and see if you can identify which activity is which.  What did you learn today?

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Y5: ‘Hazard Alley’ Safety Centre trip

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Y5 went on a brilliant trip this morning that was not only fun, but could save their life (or someone else’s!).

They went through a variety of situations that posed a risk to their safety including: fire safety, water safety, safety around the home, consequences of shoplifting, safety around train lines, e-safety and so much more (see the photos).

Parents be warned; the children will be seeking to identify risks around their homes!

Huge thank you to our PTA for funding this trip and to our volunteers, Mrs Cox and Mr Ray, for joining us.

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Rickmansworth Music Festival: Songs to rehearse at school and at home

E-SAFETY:  Please ask permission from your parent/carer before watching the following youtube videos. The best way to view them is from within our website – that way you will only see the intended video (you won’t get the video suggestions at the end). Always remember – if something doesn’t feel right, stop and tell a responsible adult.

If you’re involved in the Rickmansworth Music Festival, we’ll be practising the songs below over the next few weeks:

Believe: this one has sign language too – you don’t need to learn it for the festival (though if you want a challenge…)

Hey Mr Miller: this one has actions – you won’t need to learn them.

Shine: you might have heard this one before…

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Winter visit to the Woodoaks Farm

Today Nursery enjoyed a beautiful winter’s day at our local farm. The children were fascinated by all the frost and ice and asked some very intriguing questions. As the sun was low we played with our shadows in the fields. Here is a snippet of our thought provoking questions . . . . .

Why does frost sparkle?

Can you pass a shadow?

Why are the cows different colours?

To add to the excitement of machinery at the farm we were very fortunate to meet a calf less than 24 hours old!

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