Year 4 & 5 Spanish food tasting

There was a real buzz of excitement in the community room at lunchtime today as Kevin the chef dished up some authentic, regional Spanish dishes.  The children were involved in  helping to set up and serve the tapas and listened intently as he explained about the food and its historical background.  Everyone, including the staff involved got to experience the amazing taste of a variety of regional dishes, such as gazpacho, serrano ham with melon or manchego cheese, chicken and chorizo paella with meatballs and patatas bravas, all topped off with refreshing Seville oranges and watermelon which the children devoured! (Vegetarian versions were included).



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Year 5 art

This week Year 5 started their new art sketch books by exploring different artistic dimensions. Linking to their Spanish topic the children are discovering the styles of different iconic Spanish artists. Come on in and have a look.

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Visit from the Sikh Education Service


Today, years 2,3,4 and 5 were visited by the Sikh Education Service.

The day started with an assembly for all four classes, in which Mr Singh taught children about respect, integrity, how special we all are and performed a musical number for the children. The children really enjoyed interacting throughout the assembly.

This was followed by interactive workshops for year 3 and year 4 for the rest of the morning.

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Year 5 leadership: Playground developments

Over the past 10 days a group of Year 5 pupils have independently acted to improve their lunchtimes.

  1. The children started talking to each other about what they don’t like about lunchtimes
  2. They spoke to their class teacher who encouraged them to speak to Mrs Trickett (being proactive)
  3. The children shared their vision (begin with the end goal in mind)
  4. They described what they wanted
  5. Working together they created an assembly (Win – Win)

The Year 5 children’s project links to Mrs Bone TLDW (teacher led development work project) and they will be collaborating to bring their vision to life. Watch this space for the next developments or speak to Reuben, Charlotte, Conor, Flo or Beth for more information.

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