Sailing – Day 1

Year 5 had a brilliant day out on the lake. They learnt about appropriate clothing before finding out how to rig and de-rig their boats. They were then challenged to remember all this by paddling out around a buoy returning each time to add an extra piece of equipment to rig their boat. It was amazing to see the progress they made in such a short space of time. All the children persevered, even when they found it really challenging, until all the boats were successfully ready for sailing. Luckily, the wind picked up a bit and Year 5 spent the afternoon sailing, exploring how to steer and getting quite wet. What was the most important thing you learnt, Year 5?

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Parent Friday Somali Inspiration

We were offered an inspiring story of rags to riches as Mr Abdulrahman shared his moving story of surviving the war in Somalia and his journey as a refugee with only water for nourishment. It was a delight to hear him preaching the power of education and an inspiration to have his wife and son present – a son aiming for medical school next year. GOOD LUCK! We were also treated to a delicious meal of rice and chicken from Master and Mrs Abdulrahman – THANK YOU!

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The Safety Centre

On Monday, the PTA treated Year 5 to a trip to The Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. It was an amazing morning of practical and useful learning which allowed the children to consider how they could avoid or solve many commonplace and daily dangers. The set-up was incredible and the children were led through a town exploring different situations in a very real and practical way. Children had to consider the stopping distance of vehicles, water safety, road safety and car seat safety. They also entered a house and worked out how to manage different hazards that could arise as well as learning how to cope with an unconscious person. What was the most useful thing you learnt? Year 5 would like to say a massive thank you to the PTA.

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Spanish Day

On Friday, Years 3, 4 and 5 were treated to a day of Spanish. They took part in five different activities including some Spanish food tasting, salsa dancing, Spanish storytelling, Spanish art and translation. The children participated fully in all learning stepping outside their comfort zones to try new things. It was fantastic to see them learning together in mixed year groups. The children shared some great reflections on their learning.

The Spanish story telling was amazing. It’s not every day you get to learn a traditional tale in Spanish.

Days like this help us learn about cultures we would maybe never visit.

I am surprised in a good way. At first I thought I couldn’t do it but I did.

I feel really proud that we learnt something new and challenging like the salsa.

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Buddy Family Day – BLUE BLUE BLUE!

Today the newly structured buddy house teams spent the day together led by Year 6 pupils. The children took part in a bingo game getting to know each other, developed their trust while completing a blindfolded course, created a poster about what their team represent and created chapattis.

They then spent time back in class in the afternoon drafting logo designs for their new team as well as reflecting and enjoying an intergenerational assembly at the end of the day.

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FGB: 9th July 2018

Prior to FGB, our governors were treated to a ‘Festival of Learning’ where numerous staff and children shared their learning projects (separate post to follow). It was fantastic to see our learning community sharing their thoughts.

After that, despite the heat, our governors kept cool heads, didn’t get hot under the collar and got down to business. Topics covered:

  • We congratulated Ms Trickett on her appointment as Head Teacher.
  • We welcomed Ms Scourfield to the FGB in the role of Staff Governor.
  • The staffing & structure for next academic year was clarified.
  • We received Mr Roberts’ final Heads Report.
  • An update on a variety of projects across the school (tbc) was heard.
  • We thanked John Reynolds for his unyielding support as a Governor over the last 12 years. He has made a fantastic contribution to our school community

Finally, we thanked Mr Roberts for his passion, endeavour and good humour and wished him all the very best for the future.

Should you wish to speak to Amanda Erasmus, our Chair of Governors, please email

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Learning Festival 2018

Tonight the school hosted their second annual learning festival where members of school community shared projects and updates. Teachers and LSAs discussed through what developments have been happening and the impact it is having on children, them as professionals, the wider school community and beyond the school community.

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The Governors asked questions to find out more. Come and find out!


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On Friday, a pupil from Nursery woke to find a bat in their bathroom! They came to school to share their news and this created a buzz in Nursery and the children were desperate to find out more. They drew pictures, made books, researched on the Ipad and during their library visit with Mrs Stroms used the non-fiction books to find out more.

They started to make models and paintings too.

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