Chatty Maths Week 1: Which Path?

Starting today, we are introducing ‘Chatty Maths’. All classes will explore a problem, verbally. Today’s problem doesn’t have a right or wrong answer and it doesn’t involve much maths!  It should, however, spark a great deal of debate, which is the most important aspect of ‘Chatty Maths’ and wider problem solving. Here we go…

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World Book Night

In the UK 36% of people don’t regularly read (DCMS, 2015) and this is something we want to change!

World Book Night brings together a powerful collaboration of national partners – publishers, printers, distributors, libraries, booksellers, private donors, trusts and foundations – to inspire more people to read. Thousands of volunteers share their love of reading by giving out books to people in their communities.

Look out for the free books after school on Friday.


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Outside Learning in the sun.

Reception have enjoyed learning in the sun. We have planted cress, built a castle, performed a puppet show and enjoyed a lovely game of musical chairs.  The children organised the game of musical chairs and sang songs for the music.  It was great and we learnt how to take turns and not to get upset if we were out.

We are now waiting for the cress seeds to grow.

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Festival time in EYFS !

Today, children in EYFS decided to create a festival party outside. They used a range of ribbons to thread in and around the trees. Children identified that some of the material was reflective and there was many discussions about the effect the wind was having. We plan on continuing tomorrow by adding music to the celebrations!

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How a witch can make a thin boy fat!

DSCN0517 DSCN0518 DSCN0519 DSCN0521

This morning Year 1 re-read their RWI book, The foolish Witch. Their task was to write a list of food for the witch to use to make Hansel fat. I thought it seemed very unfair to ask them to use adjectives to describe food when they hadn’t tasted it, surprisingly Year 1 agreed too! They very much enjoyed eating ‘sugary sweets’, ‘gooey marshmallows’ and ‘spicy gingerbread biscuits’ to help them with their fabulous writing.

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