Mapping Maple Cross

Last week year 1 ventured out on a walk around Maple Cross as part of geography learning. We wanted to spot the human and physical aspects of our local area. Today year 1 learners orally re told the journey we took around Maple Cross. We spoke about the human and physical aspects we saw. Chn remembered they saw ‘a zebra crossing, shops, a field, a park, playground, and their houses. In 2 groups we then drew out our own map of maple cross and used our fingers dipped in paint to re walk the route we took.

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Puddles, patterns and painting

Children in Reception had a wonderful time learning outside in the rain. The puddles gave them a wonderful opportunity to make patterns. They put a hoop on the puddle and found leaves to put in to make faces, represent numbers and create patterns. Children also dipped the chalk in the puddles and then painted the steps. Brushes were then used to clean the steps to make space for more artwork.

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Place Value Sliders

Year 6 have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 including decimal numbers. They were set the challenge of answering the questions pinned up around the room. The questions were titled with countries involved in World War 1 and had to be answered in alphabetical order. The class used the place value sliders to support their understanding of the process. They were then given a challenge to find their way through a maze of multiplication and division using different sets of criteria.

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Say What You See

Year 6 have been looking at the patterns and rules for choosing the correct grapheme for the ‘l’ sound at the end of the word. They set up a challenge for their learning partner by hiding an image. They uncovered it bit by bit trying to guess what word with an ‘l’ sound it could be. They then used their words to further organise the rules for choosing the correct spellings.


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Piecing together the story

Today, Year 6 were given some unfamiliar language, which would appear in the section of Private Peaceful that we are reading this week. We discussed the meaning of the language and used this to draw images to represent the words. From the images and words, Year 6 had a go at predicting the events of the section we are going to read. They were amazingly accurate and were even able to predict which characters might say which things.


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Saying goodbye in Reception

Today in Reception we sadly had to say goodbye to one of our African Land Snails who has died. We decided to bury the snail in the garden and took turns to help dig the hole. The snail was placed in a tin and buried in the hole. This afternoon we listened to the story ‘Goodbye Mog’ by Judith Kerr to help us think about what happens when something or someone dies.

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