Learning Styles – what do they mean?

In Friday’s assembly we shared the learning styles with the parents and carers who were able to join us. There was also some information in Friday’s newsletter. The children reminded us of each of the five learning styles and below is a little more detail about each.

Why do we need to know how we are learning?

How does it help our learning to identify the learning style?


Analytical learners

  • Looking for the best solutions
  • Considering the ‘pros and cons’; the advantages and disadvantages of situations
  • Working alone
  • Reading and researching
  • Discussing and debating
  • Thinking about ideas and reflecting on their own thoughts


Personal and Social Learners

  • Time to think and reflecting on their own learning
  • Yellow hat thinking (stay positive)
  • Sharing ideas and learning from others
  • The ‘journey’ as much as the outcome
  • Being emotionally involved
  • Manage time, talk and the task


Pragmatic Leaners

  • Practical activities and solving problems
  • Giving reasons and explaining his ideas
  • Listening, changing and modifying his ideas and answers
  • Improving his work, he does not mind getting things wrong
  • Looking for different solutions, trial and error
  • Working in teams as long as they are focussed


Systematic Learners

  • Facts and figure are important (white hat)
  • Following instructions are key
  • Working in a ‘step by step’ way
  • Being well organised
  • Being in control (red hat)
  • Asking questions (what, when, where)


Divergent Learners

  • Asking questions
  • Solving problems and challenges
  • Taking risks, making decisions and having choices
  • Experimenting and investigating new ideas
  • Generating lots of different ideas
  • Excitement, fast paced and open ended activities



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Y5: Mayan Civilization Topic

mayanOur new topic, ‘The Mayans’, starts straight after half term. Your half-term home learning is to do some research and create a mini-project based on any aspect of Mayan Civilization that you find interesting. You might decide to make a poster, model, short film or even cook something! It’s entirely up to you.

Here are a few websites to get you started:

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Year 3 EnerGee’s adverts

As a hook for our new literacy topic, Year 3 have spent this week following a script for an advert. They have taken first takes and then been pragmatic learners but modifying and making changes to make them even better. Today they took their final takes and spent time using the IMovie app to edit them. They showed fantastic perseverance and patience during when faced with some obstacles during the editing.

William’s group

Orla’s group

Millie’s group

Katie’s group

Blanka’s group

Annabel’s group

Andrei’s group

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