Year 2 developing reading skills

Year 2 children have enjoyed learning to explore and investigate a new text. The newest member of the year 2 class, Miss Ahmed, provided the children with a range of clues to discuss and question. Can you guess the text from the clues? The discussions were imaginative and excited the children about using this text to create their own story journey. Remember to ask Year 2 what creature they went hunting for!

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Library Session for Reception

Children in Reception enjoyed their weekly library session with Ms Storms today.  We had been given a clue to what the story was about and had made a prediction.  The story was Oi Dog by Kes and Claire Gray with illustrations by Jim Field.  Ms Storms read the story by using an Ebook which are available from the library.  We laughed as the story was funny and had a great time.  When we had changed our books we looked together at a book that had been chosen.


Why not go to the library over half term? It’s free to join and you can read lots of books.

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School Travel Plan Award

I was delighted to receive the Bronze School Mode-Shift Travel Plan Award on behalf of the school on Thursday. Our efforts to increase cycling and scooting (The Big Pedal) , support safer parking (Parking Monitoring and Student Patrols) and train the children to be road aware (Cycling Proficiency) have been recognised. I will be working with The Year 3 and 4 Health and Safety Council (lead by Year 6 Student Council Members) to push for the Silver Award this year. Watch this space!dsc_0895

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Mistakes prove I’m Learning…

Dear All,

A first half-term of learning has passed by in a flash and children have changed the way they think about mistakes:

Here is some evidence of the impact we have all had on the children.

I asked the children how they feel about mistakes:

“I used to  feel guilty. Now I feel determined!”

“I used to feel annoyed because it doesn’t look neat. Now I feel happy because I can improve.”

” I sued to feel angry because I just gave up. I now feel fine because mistakes prove you’re trying.”

“I used to feel a bit frustrated because I liked my work very neat. I now feel proud of myself because I know if I make a mistake I know I am trying.”

“I used to feel super mad at myself and urgently needed a rubber. Now I feel proud of myself.”

“I used to feel annoyed because it wasn’t right. I now feel fine because I learn from mistakes.”

I am delighted to hear such a positive response to mistakes. It takes hard work from the whole community to embed ideas like these. So, to everyone who has encouraged mistakes; been positive about the process of learning; and remembered mistakes prove you are learning- Thank you! Just imagine the difference we can make…

Have a positive half-term.

Mr Roberts

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Farmer Day in Nursery

Today Nursery brought their topic to an end by dressing as farmers! The children looked the part and took on many of the jobs of farmers. There was counting of herds of animals, building shelters and rearranging the crops. Thanks to all the parents/carers for your support.

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Skoolbo – Maple Cross students gain international recognition!

Skoolbo-Hi-res-logoI knew that the children of Maple Cross loved Skoolbo; we’ve been using it for a while now. However, I  had no idea how well this school years re-launch would go! What has made the difference this year? Is it that we have a leaderboard on our school blog? Maybe. Is it that we all VALUE learning so much that we willingly do it in our own time? Possibly. Is it that Skoolbo is brilliant fun – not too easy, not too hard? You’ll have to let me know.


imageNo 1 in the World!

Andy H, as I write this post,  is currently at THE TOP OF THE WORLD LEADERBOARD! That means no-one, anywhere in the world, has answered as many Skoolbo questions as Andy, this week. This is an incredible achievement – you are really putting Maple Cross on the map! What attributes have you had to use, Andy?



Special recognition needs to go to  2 other children – Bianca N in Y6 and  George C in Y2. You have made it onto the top 100 WORLD leaderboard this week (Top 40 on the UK leaderboard). That is a fantastic effort  – there are hundreds of thousands of Skoolbo users – just like you – and you are leading the way!

A question…

What I really want to know is: Is this having an impact in the classroom? If you use Skoolbo (which is most of you) – Do you feel like you’re that little bit sharper in maths? Are some of those words slightly easier to read? How is it helping you?

Parents – what do you think? Is it having an impact on your child’s learning? Do let me know.

A final thought…

I love Skoolbo – but do make sure you take regular screen breaks, don’t stay up too late playing it, keep reading normal books too and get out into the fresh air to play. It’s all about balance. Good job Maple Cross.


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Maple Cross Explorers Week 5

All the children have now taken part in the five different activities in Maple Cross Explorers.  Why not ask your child which activity they enjoyed most and why?  After the half term holiday, Maple Cross Explorers will start again with 5 new activities for the children to engage in.  Please make sure you have a coat and welly boots in school every Monday as we will be going out whatever the weather.

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Digital Leaders Update

Thanks to the ideas generated by our Y4,5&6 Computing Club, We now have a much better idea of how we will use Digital Leaders next half term. In our inaugural Digital Leaders meeting we discussed our journey so far, and where we could go:


  1. Computing Club  learnt how to use some equipment and some simple programming games.
  2. They practised, made mistakes and gained more confidence.
  3. They will teach next half terms y1,2,3 Computing Club how to use the same equipment and games.
  4. These children from Y1,2,3 Computing Club become Digital Leaders.
  5. They help their teacher to teach the rest of their class.

Thats part of the plan – the next stage will be for them to set up a working party to meet with y1,2 & 3 teachers to plan some classroom activities.

Their will be some other roles too – details to be announced.

So, Digital Leaders (you know who you are) – keep the ideas coming. What else could we do?

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