Crafty Cookie Maths

Year 4 have been busily making their Christmas Fair craft this morning. So far, we have made 25 beautiful DIY cookie kits. The photographs show an amazing level of focus and concentration in order to get the product right. I was so impressed with the level of communication on display from all the children.
In the words of one child “Best maths lesson ever!”

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Children In Need Bake Sale! (sorry it’s late)

A big thank you to everyone who baked or bought delicious goodies from the sale. We had so many lovely bakes that we even had to do a second sale after school on the Monday! I’m pleased to say we raised… £150 for Children In Need!!!!!! A huge well done to everyone involved at Maple Cross, great community spirit once again!- Let’s see if we can raise even more next year! :)

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Year 3 – Decisions decisions!

This afternoon, Year 3 had a decision to make. Would they follow Shakleton or not? They were shown a newspaper advert to help them make their decision. The class was split half and half, however, Orla could not decide on what to do. Should she go? Or should she stay behind? The class took part in conscious alley to help Orla make her decision. What would you tell Orla to do?

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Year 1 go shopping for ingredients!

As part of maths week, the year 1 class room has turned into an elves work shop! Yesterday we measured parts of a snowman to send to the toy maker and today we went shopping for our brownie ingredients. Year 1 had a PMA to add 2 digit numbers using their number lines and showed great independent learning by choosing their own resources from the maths area. Now that we have worked out the ingredient prices, Santa will be picking up the ingredients and delivering them to school shortly- Yum!

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Y1 and Y5 Joint PE


What do you do when it’s raining outside and two classes both want to use the hall for PE? Join together, of course! Year 5 dusted off their playleader skills and quickly devised a carousel of games for the Year 1 children to play – they did a great job and year 1 had lots of fun and exercise (so did y5!)

Year 1 – did you enjoy it? How did learning with the year 5s make you feel?

Year 5 – What attributes did you need to use?

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Y5 Maths Week: Chocolate pricing & costing activity.

Year 5 HomepageYear 5. We’ve researched the competition and taken inspiration from the established chocolate brands.

Now we need to begin the process of working out how much our project will cost in order to pitch it to Mr Roberts. We’ll need to think about the cost of the moulds, packaging, chocolate and anything we need to add to the chocolate (edible glitter etc).

Important points to note:

  • We will need enough chocolate for  30 boxes of chocolate.
  • We should allow approx 100g of chocolate per box.
  • We are looking for the best (cheapest) price.
  • We will need a minimum of 5 moulds (as we will work in groups of 5)





Amazon (use for researching silicone moulds)

Tiny Box Co (use for researching gift boxes)

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