Home Classroom – WOW!

It has been a pleasure to see all the mini classrooms being set up around Maple Cross. There are also lots more on our Twitter account. Proof that a school community is more than bricks and mortar. Keep sharing your photos, story videos and everything else! It is bringing a smile to all our faces.

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Yr1 – preparing to learn at home

This morning Yr1 were asked how they are preparing to continue their learning at home. Their responses are inspiring . . .

“When I am home on Monday, I am going to wear my school trousers to help with my learning.”

“I am going to do my home learning with mummy.”

“My nanny is going to set up a school for us.”

“My mummy is going to wake me up at 9am and do some exercise.”

“Me and mummy are going to make a sign for a school at home.”

“We are going to make an office in the middle of the room.”

“I am going to make a school in the whole house.”

“I could get into my school clothes and do some learning and I will know when the time is for lunch, I’m going to make my house like Maple Cross.”

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