PGL – Day 4

Wow! What an amazing day 4! The children have been truly amazing in the activities they have done today, especially in the heat. They are now busy getting ready for dinner which will be followed by the disco. We will update the blog tonight with pictures. Watch this space…

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Year 6 – PGL Day 1

Great first day at PGL. Children were amazing on the journey up and we stopped at a lovely park for lunch. Once settled in their rooms the children enjoyed playing games which was followed by a yummy dinner. Ending our first day with a sing song around the campfire.

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Maple Cross Explorers

We had a fabulous afternoon of Maple Cross Explorers today and we all enjoyed being outside in the glorious sunshine.  Today there were some fantastic houses made for The Three Little Pigs.  Children who took part in the activity said

“We’re a team”

“It’s made out of bricks and leaves. It would stay there if the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed.”

“We stared with sticks and then we put cardboard on it so it won’t rain on the little pigs and we put a ramp for their bikes.”

“Me and my friends put sticks and we went to the woods and we put cardboard on and we tested it.”

An adult asked “Why are you testing it?”

“To see if it stays or doesn’t stay.”

I would love to know the answer to see if it stayed or didn’t stay and I would love to find out how you tested this.

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