Computing Club’s Animations

Here are few of the computing clubs’ animations from this half term! Some need a few tweaks and adjustmnts, but myself and Mr Flint were so impressed with the effort, concentration and enthusiasm that you demonstrated during this half term.Well done guys! Remember, any Year 5’s or 6’s that were part of computing club this half term, come and speak to me or Mr Flin about how you could help out next half term with Key Stage 1’s computing club.

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Learning at 1025.

It was a pleasure to walk around the school and see targeted teaching allowing children to access learning at their level. In the older years, children were supported choosing their own challenging targets to ensure nothing was too easy or difficult. Is YOUR learning challenging YOU? What do YOU think?

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National Libraries Day is tomorrow!

nld-logoIn today’s assembly we talked about libraries and how important they to our learning. National Libraries Day on Saturday 6 February gives us all a chance to show how much we value our public libraries. Maple Cross’ closest library is Rickmansworth Library and they are having a special Saturday Stories event at 11:00AM. It’s open to everyone!

If you don’t yet have a library card in Hertfordshire, apply for one now. You don’t want to miss out on all this reading.

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Fence update


You will have seen the progress of the fence through this week. I am pleased to see the completion of the main installation. Next week, we will be adding an electronic magnetic lock and extra camera to the top gate to manage access to the school grounds through the day.

Thank you for the all positive comments: What else could make the school even better? Let us know your thoughts…

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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Year 6 were fantastic today at converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. They applied their learning to solve a puzzle and demonstrated great collaboration as they supported each other to achieve in their learning.

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