Mabel’s training

This week, Mabel has been at DHK (Dogs Helping Kids) HQ in Devon for a full day of training. This is in addition to puppy classes and 1:1 sessions she has been attending on the weekends. All her training is preparing her for her first full assessment at one years old, where she and Mrs Trickett, will need to complete their entry exams so she can work with the pupils and across school.

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Guided Reading

Year 5 have spent the week exploring the title and images from their new books. They have been encouraged to think more deeply about what the images could tell them about the text and to use this learning to imagine what they think the front cover should look like. Look how similar their front covers are to the real thing!

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Potato Bucket Challenge

Maple Cross Nursery 18/19 now Reception 19/20 entered the Potato Bucket Challenge set by Rickmansworth Garden, Arts and Homecrafts Society. They were given 10  buckets, each containing three seed potatoes and were asked to grow the potato plants over the next few months. We are pleased to announce that Maple Cross won with the largest combined weight of potatoes. Mrs Biss has just collected the winning certificate and trophy. Well done to all involved.


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